Only The Best For My Kids

When I became a parent for the first time, there was a lot I did not know. As many feel, I was definitely scared. So I read everything I could and researched pretty much everything I could find on the internet. One thing that I found that scared me half to death was how even the wrong king of mattress could put your new baby at risk. I originally thought that I wanted to find the softest and most comfortable mattress for my baby. But that couldn’t have been more wrong. A newborn baby needs a firm mattress to help prevent against SIDS.

So I started looking around for the best mattress for this purpose. All of the research said that the Safety 1st heavenly dreams white crib mattress was the highest quality mattress for the job. The surprising part to me was that it was not very expensive. I was able to even order it online and didn’t even have to go back to the baby store. I had made plenty of those trips already. 

I now have 2 kids. And both of them got to sleep on this particular mattress. It made me feel good that they had the highest safety rated mattress on the market. There are so many things that a new parent needs to watch out for and protect against already. You shouldn’t have to worry even when you are sleeping.

If you are in the same situation I was and are looking for the safest mattress for you child. Then I strongly recommend getting the Safety 1st heavenly dreams white crib mattress for your newborn bundle of joy.

I found mine at a discount web site that has a great reputation and great prices. I looked around the internet for good prices. I found the best deal at

Go there and check out the availability.

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A Big Thumbs Up

I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to this law office I have just used to help me with a small personal claim. I recently had a small claim with the landlord of my neighbor. My neighbors dog had busted through our fence, and was damaging our plants in our back yard. Not to mention that I have very small children that play in the backyard, and that dog is not one that should be allowed around humans in general. So something needed to be done ASAP.

So to save some money, I decided to rebuild the fence myself. All I was looking for was for the neighbor to split the cost of materials with me for the job. So I reached out to my renting neighbors landlord. He refused to call me back after multiple calls and multiple emails. So I called the city about possibly getting a hold of the landlord for me. They said they do not deal with that kind of thing and recommended that I called an attorney and send him a letter. So I did some research of law firms in Modesto Ca, that deal with that kind of thing. I found the best one here at and called them that day. They drafted me up a letter and sent it out certified mail. That still got no response. So I went ahead and bought the materials and finished the project. In the mean time my attorney scheduled me in small claims court. As you could imagine, it was not too hard to explain my side to the judge, mostly because I wasn’t asking for anything unfair. The judge ruled in my favor as close to instantly as she could. So the landlord ended up paying me $510 dollars for his half.

All of this was doable thanks to the awesome people at that law firm. they explained every step to me and got my completely prepared for what I needed to do. And their prices was next to nothing because they did not need to do much to get this thing settled. So all in all, a win win.

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Web Take Over

web developmentAs the internet grows, so does the need to know how to use it. The every day Joe is starting to be able to do a lot more things online, thanks to plugins and apps. But as we get more average Joe centric, there are programs being built exploiting these services, and once again hurting the average public user. When I set out to learn web development, I was like many others, and watched dozens of tutorials, read many books, and watched many instructional videos. I saw one very distinct consistency between all of the research. No one knew the exact recipe for success when online. It got tough trying to sift through the bad knowledge to find the good knowledge. After many months of trying to learn, I decided to get a little more professional help.

I called a local web development company and asked to get some counseling. That was the best decision I made yet. I found a great group of people who had made this kind of work their livelihood. You know that if an entire company is succeeding in an industry, then they must know what they are doing.

They taught me about the new google algorithms, and new standards for website creation, if you are wanting to make it an authority site. It was a real eye opener. Everything I had watched, read, or listened to prior to meeting these guys, told me about quantity. They never touched on quality. And that is where the web is at today. As I talked about earlier, The big companies out there bombarded the internet if a mass quantity of spam like fake authority. So now, to show your website’s are of worth, you must have quality built into them. I find this to be a very positive change. I want to know that sites I find through something like a google search, are worth the time to look through.

All of this to say, if you are looking to learn good web development, do not waste your time with these online ebooks, and tutorials. Go find yourself someone or someones who have made a living doing the thing you are looking to learn. They obviously know what they are doing.

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